Gymnodoris sp. e098

This unidentified Gymnodoris species might at first be mistaken for an orange form of G. citrina, but it differs from that species in having its gills set completely in a circle and in the lack of pustules around the anterior margin. Internally, its innermost radular tooth is much smaller than that of G. citrina, and is smaller than succeeding teeth out to at least the middle of the half row. This species also resembles Gymnodoris inornata in its orange coloration, the complete circle of gills and its radular structure; G. inornata, however, is apparently solid orange with no darker spotting. About 10 specimens have been observed, one from Utirik Atoll, one from Kwajalein, and the rest from Enewetak. Sizes ranged from 8 to 17mm, and all but one were found on lagoon pinnacle reefs under dead coral or exposed on dead coral at night, at depths of 9 to 12 meters. The lone exception was found at 2 meters depth exposed at night in a reef quarry at Enewetak. The first three shots show the Kwajalein specimen.

The rest of the photos show specimens from Enewetak.

We think the 8mm long animal below is probably a juvenile of this species. The animal was reproductively immature, but the gills look quite similar and the radula, although a bit smaller, had the same shape and proportions.

Created 1 January 2007
Updated 20 December 2008

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