Gymnodoris sp. e165

This unidentified Gymnodoris is known only from Enewetak Atoll. Despite regular sampling of a shallow subtidal reef off Enewetak Island from mid 1981 through early 1983, this animal was never found. On 9 February 1983, they were suddenly all over the place. I was up around 100 specimens when I lost count. Three days later, I moved half a kilometer down the island to a second sampling site and there were just as many there. I didn't get to either of these spots again until 22 February, and then they were just about gone. I found two individuals. Over the next three months, I could find one or two on several different occasions on one of these reefs, but on 28 May, I saw my last one. A couple of animals kept in the lab would eat any small species of Elysia offered, but would take nothing else.

This one is eating a small unidentified species of Elysia that lives on Tydemania algae.

Created 1 January 2007

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