Gymnodoris sp. e225

This unidentified Gymnodoris has been found in the Marshalls at Enewetak and Kwajalein Atolls. At times it is moderately common, and numerous specimens have been observed, mostly on lagoon reefs and pinnacles in 6 to 15 meters depth. By day they can be found under rocks or crawling exposed on the bottom. Marshall Islands specimens range from 10 to 20mm. Although apparently unnamed, it has also been photographed as far away as the Red Sea. It was tough to decide on which photos to use this time, so there are quite a few images on this page.

The 17mm individual below was depositing an egg mass when disturbed.

This one was found with its egg mass at Kwajalein on 8 February 2009.

Colors of the lines on the dorsum vary from magenta red to orange.

In some individuals, the colored lines seem to expand to fill the entire body, as in the three specimens below.

The animal crawling over a white patch below shows the translucent coloration of the foot.

Created 1 January 2007
Updated 28 September 2009

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