Gymnodoris nigricolor Baba, 1960

Gymnodoris nigricolor is known from the Marshalls one specimen found on Enewetak Atoll and at least three from Kwajalein. They measured 9-10mm in length and were found crawling across sand at depths of 10-15 meters. The Enewetak specimen was on a lagoon pinnacle reef on 13 May 1983 and those from Kwajalein were near a lagoon interisland reef Halimeda patch. The first one below was found on 25 May 2008. Since it's hard to tell much from a photo of a black animal, my notes on the living animal are below.

The body is small, soft, and limaciform, with a very long and slender tail. Color is black, but at 12-25x this is seen as translucent gray very densely speckled with black. There are very small pustules about where mantle margin should be, especially in V shape anterior end. Foot margin is bluish white. Reproductive opening is about one-third of the way between the rhinophores and gills. Rhinophores are close set, each with about 8 oblique lamellae, and are colored bluish black. Gills are small, set in a semicircle, and colored bluish black.

Reports of Gymnodoris nigricolor from various sources, including the Sea Slug Forum and Okinawa Slug Site, suggests it is a parasite on the fins of shrimp gobies. The few specimens we've seen so far, both in the Marshalls and in the Solomons, have not been on any of the many shrimp gobies, but we are watching for it.

The next one was found crawling on sand on a Kwajalein lagoon reef on 22 August 2010.

Created 1 January 2007
Updated 3 September 2010

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