Phyllidiella pustulosa (Cuvier, 1804)

Phyllidiella pustulosa is one of the more commonly seen nudibranchs in the passes and on the seaward reef of Pohnpei. I suspect that not all of the animals below belong to the same species.

The specimen below appeared to be eating the gray sponge.

The specimen below appeared to be eating the orange sponge. With its pink foot, this specimen wouldn't seem to be Phyllidiella pustulosa, but I do not at this time have a better ID.

Mating pair.

This one appeared to be eating the yellow-brown sponge.

Several individuals were seen on this tubular pinkish sponge.

This one crawled out on a colony of the calcareous sponge Leucetta. It did not appear to be feeding on the sponge.

Created 1 January 2008
Updated 9 May 2011

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