Marshall Islands Sea Slugs

Our favorite close-up photo subjects are the sea slugs, including nudibranchs and their relatives. Nearly 700 different kinds have been found in the Marshall Islands, not all of which are yet represented by pictures on this site.

Each of the thumbnails below takes you to another page that contains a list of links by scientific name. Those links lead to pics and a bit of information about each of the different species. The thumbnail and line below it link to a list of species with thumbnail images.

Recently added or updated pages are listed here. Despite the years of searching, we continue to see species here that we have not before seen, so with luck this site will continue to be updated.

In addition to the sea slugs, a few seashell families from the Marshalls can be found here. In particular, members of the family Velutinidae are often mistaken for sea slugs.


Other cryptobranch dorids




Other phanerobranch dorids





Sea Hares





And from a few more places:

Pohnpei, Caroline Islands

Hawaiian Islands

Solomon Islands

Bali, Indonesia

California's Channel Islands

Mexico's Sea of Cortez

Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Anilao, Batanas, Philippines

Many more slugs and lots of information about them can be found by following these links:

    The Australian Museum's Sea Slug Forum
    Mike Miller's Slug Site
    Cory Pittman and Pauline Fiene's Sea Slugs of Hawaii
    Robert Bolland's Okinawa Slug Site
    Irwin Koehler's Mediterranean Slug Site and more

These pages also link to other great nudibranch sites.

Our thanks to Cory Pittman Dr. Terrence Gosliner and Dr. Richard Willan for suggesting identifications for several species figured here. Any errors, however, are certain to be mine.

Thanks also to past and present Kwaj divers for generously providing valuable intormation and photographs to help make these pages more complete. See Contributors.

If you have comments or disagree with any identifications, don't hesitate to contact us at And if you're in or have been in the Marshalls and have seen species you cannot find on these pages, we'd like to hear about it.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos and text by Scott and Jeanette Johnson, In-Depth Images Kwajalein.

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