Elysia sp. e116

This unidentified Elysia is found on the algae Tydemania. During the day it hides down in the clump of algae and is hard to find. At night, they are often out on the surface of the algae clump and are not particularly uncommon. They have been found on lagoon reefs, pinnacles, and the seaward reef at depths of 5 to 23 meters. This is figured in Gosliner et al (2008) as Elysia sp. 12.

A large 25-30mm specimen found at night on the seaward reef in February 2016.

The animal below had some different characteristics and was not found on Tydemania. Still, it seems close enough that for now we are assuming it is the same.

Created 2 February 2007
Updated 5 March 2016

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