Elysia sp. e153

This is the largest species of Elysia we have yet found in the Marshalls. The specimen figured immediately below measured 65mm in length. It was found crawling on sand next to an Enewetak lagoon-bottom patch of Halimeda algae at a depth of 23 meters. A number of additional specimens have been found, one more from another Halimeda patch at Enewetak, another from Halimeda in the Kwajalein Island harbor at a depth of 1 meter, and yet another from a depth of 15 meters in a lagoon slope Halimeda patch. Perhaps 25 additional specimens up to about 53mm in length were observed over a span of two days in a lagoon algae and rubble patch at a depth of 7-8m around 14 April 2008. Since then we have seen occasional specimens, sometimes in twos or threes, in algae patches along the Kwajalein Atoll eastern lagoon slope.

The specimen below measured 20mm in length.

Created 2 February 2007
Updated 21 March 2018

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