Thuridilla flavomaculata Gosliner, 1995

For some time, Thuridilla flavomaculata is known in the Marshalls from just a few specimens from Enewetak and Kwajalein Atolls. In February 2009, numerous specimens were observed, usually hiding in the algae growing around the edges of loose dead coral rocks at depths of about 4 to 7m on a couple of shallow Kwajalein lagoon reefs. Sizes ranged from 8 to 19mm. The first photos below shows a specimen observed on 24 November 2008, and the second shows one from 9 February 2009.

Below are a couple of the first specimens we found at Enewetak in the early 1980s.

The next one was found on 29 October 2011 on a shallow Kwajalein lagoon reef.

The one below was in a lagoon algae patch on 5 August 2012.

Created 10 December 2007
Updated 10 October 2012

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