Cyerce sp. e542

This is very likely a color form of Cyerce elegans, but since we have now found many specimens with these distinct brown "windopanes" on their paddles, we have decided to list them separately until their exact relationships can be determined. Our specimens were found in the Kwajalein lagoon on Halimeda algae at depths of 8-10m..

In July of 2011, there was a large influx of this form on some Kwajalein lagoon reefs, mostly in Halimeda patches where they were attaching a large number of egg masses. There were a few normal Cyerce elegans mixed in, suggesting that these are the same species.

By mid August 2011, some of the individuals in the algae patch were getting very dark indeed.

Created 13 September 2008
Updated 20 August 2011

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