Volvatella sp. e579

This unidentified species of Volvatella is known so far from three 8-9mm specimens found on Caulerpa algae, all at a depth of 23 meters on Kwajalein Atoll's lagoon slope. The first shot shows the first one found on 12 August 2007. The next shows one of two specimens found on 6 September 2009. We suspect they are not all that rare, but it takes digging through the Caulerpa plants to find them. Originally, we had this lumped with Volvatella sp. e207, which has more spotting and has a greenish animal. Depending on how much the coloration can vary, they still could be the same.

The specimen below is taken from a video capture. The animal appears to be producing an egg mass.

Created 20 February 2009
Updated 23 September 2009

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