Volvatella vigourouxi (Montrouzier, 1861)

Volvatella vigourouxi is known in the Marshalls from many specimens found by Christina Sylvester on Caulerpa taxifolia in about 1m of water on the lagoon side of Kwajalein's north point. The specimens are often slightly buried under sand at the base of Caulerpa plants.The first two shots below found on 15 March 2015 show small specimens riding on the shell of a larger one. This has previously been reported by Bill Rudman for this species from New Caledonia, who noted that although the species is hermaphroditic as an adult, the male portion of the reproductive system develops first, and the small ("dwarf") males ride around on an adult hermaphrodite acting as a female.

The specimens below are from the same area on 25 October 2015.

Created 30 March 2015
Updated 1 March 2016

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