Conus lividus Hwass in Bruguière, 1792
Livid cone, 64mm

Conus lividus is a common species in both rocky and sandy areas from the intertidal and lagoon reefs to seaward reef slopes to depths of at least 15m. Conus lividus is similar to C. flavidus, but it always has a coronated spire while that of C. flavidus is smooth. Conus lividus is more likely to be confused with C. sanguinolentus, and in fact the two may be variations of the same species. We show them on separate pages in part because of differences in the animal coloration, but that may be variable or it may change with age.

With light pink egg capsules below.

This one was apparently eating a worm.

Another eating a different worm.

Created 4 July 2009
Updated 27 August 2013

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