Marshall Islands Conidae

The family Conidae is fairly well represented at Kwajalein with about 76 species. Several have not yet been found in the living state. Cones have a specialized radula consisting of separate harpoon-like venomous teeth used to immobilize prey. Some cones prey upon fish; their venom is quite powerful in order to quickly kill or paralyze a fish, who might get away if the venom were too mild. The harpoon teeth of these species also often have large barbs to hold the prey while the venom does its work. Bubble cones and a few other species are primarily or exclusively fish eaters. Cones with tent-shaped markings nearly all eat other species of seashells and occasionally other cone shells. Most of the remainder eat worms; often the radulae of the worm eaters are very small and the venom less powerful. Still, if you don't know how potent the venom might be, it is best to avoid situations where you might get stung.

Conus ammiralis

Conus arenatus

Conus aulicus

Conus auratinus

Conus aureus

Conus auricomus

Conus bandanus

Conus boeticus

Conus brazieri

Conus bullatus

Conus capitaneus

Conus catus

Conus cervus

Conus chaldeus

Conus circumcisus

Conus coelinae

Conus coffeae

Conus coronatus

Conus crocatus

Conus cylindraceus

Conus distans

Conus ebraeus

Conus eburneus

Conus episcopatus

Conus flavidus

Conus floccatus

Conus frigidus

Conus generalis

Conus geographus

Conus glans

Conus imperialis

Conus legatus

Conus leopardus

Conus litoglyphus

Conus litteratus

Conus lividus

Conus luteus

Conus magnificus

Conus magus

Conus marielae

Conus marmoreus

Conus mcbridei

Conus miles

Conus miliaris

Conus mitratus

Conus moreleti

Conus musicus

Conus mustelinus

Conus nigropunctatus

Conus nucleus

Conus nussatella

Conus obscurus

Conus omaria

Conus pertusus

Conus polongimarumai

Conus planorbis

Conus pulicarius

Conus quercinus

Conus rattus

Conus retifer

Conus sanguinolentus

Conus sponsalis

Conus stercusmuscarum

Conus striatus

Conus sugillatus

Conus sulcocastaneus

Conus tenuistriatus

Conus terebra

Conus tessulatus

Conus textile

Conus tulipa

Conus varius

Conus vexillum

Conus viola

Conus virgo

Conus vitulinus

A few cones from the Solomon Islands, Hawaii and California.

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