Conus obscurus Sowerby, 1833
Obscure cone, 38mm

Conus obscurus is moderately uncommon in the Marshalls, where it is found primarily on the seaward reefs, buried in rubble by day and emerging in ledges and small caves at night to hunt sleeping fish. Occasional specimens have also been found under rocks on the intertidal reef or in reef quarries that were dug out to provide building material. Although small, as a fish eater, it is a species to be careful with, since its fish stunning venom is presumably more likely to affect humans than the venom of worm eaters. Of course, it is wise to be careful of any cones since an individual could be sensitive to the type of venom from any cone.

The puckered mouth that delivers the venomous harpoon is visible just to the left of the elongate siphon below.

Created 4 July 2009
Updated 23 March 2016

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