Purpuradusta minoridens (Melville, 1901)
Small-tooth cowry, 8-9.3mm

Purpuradusta minoridens is rarer at Kwajalein than the two similar species, P. fimbriata and P. microdon. The few specimens known have all come from the seaward reef, under rocks in surge channels at depths of 8-16m, although it may be more common and just not often properly identified. It is most similar in shape to Purpuradusta fimbriata. Its teeth are smaller than those of P. fimbriata but larger than P. microdon. The anterior columellar teeth are a bit larger than the rest, but not as distinctly larger as in P. fimbriata. The dorsal bands are faint and not blotchy. The Indo-Pacific distribution of P. minoridens is similar to that of P. microdon, excluding Hawaii, Western Australia, and the northern Indian Ocean.

The specimen below was a bit unusual. The spotting was closer to P. microdon, but the shape matched P. minoridens.

Updated 1 April 2008
Updated 2 March 2015

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