Cypraeidae – the Cowries

Annepona mariae
Maria's cowry

Arestorides argus
eyed cowry

Bistolida goodallii fuscomaculata
dark-blotched Goodall's cowry

Bistolida hirundo
swallow cowry

Bistolida kieneri
Kiener's cowry

Bistolida stolida kwajaleinensis

Kwajalein stolid cowry

Bistolida ursellus
little bear cowry

Chelycypraea testudinaria
tortoise cowry

Cribrarula cribraria
sieve cowry

Cribrarula gaspardi
pale sieve cowry

Cribrarula taitae
Tait's cowry

Cryptocypraea dillwyni
Dillwyn's cowry

Cypraea tigris
tiger cowry

Erosaria beckii
Beck's cowry

Erosaria cernica
cernica cowry

Erosaria erosa
eroded cowry

Erosaria helvola

Erosaria irrorata
irrorata cowry

Erosaria labrolineata
labrolineata cowry

Erosaria poraria

Erronea caurica
caurica cowry

Ipsa childreni
Children's cowry

Leporicypraea mappa
map cowry

Luria gilvella
gilvella cowry

Luria isabella
Isabella cowry

Lyncina aurantium
golden cowry

Lyncina carneola
carnelian cowry

Lyncina leviathan
leviathan cowry

Lyncina lynx
lynx cowry

Lyncina schilderorum
Schilders' cowry

Lyncina ventriculus
ventriculus cowry

Lyncina vitellus
deer cowry

Mauritia arabica
Arabian cowry

Mauritia depressa
depressed cowry

Mauritia eglantina
eglantine cowry

Mauritia maculifera
reticulated cowry

Mauritia mauritiana
humpback cowry

Mauritia scurra
jester cowry

Melicerona felina
kitten cowry

Monetaria annulus
gold ringer cowry

Monetaria caputserpentis

Monetaria moneta
money cowry

Notadusta martini
Martin's cowry

Notadusta punctata
punctate cowry

Nucleolaria nucleus
nucleus cowry

Ovatipsa chinensis
Chinese cowry

Palmadusta asellus
asellus cowry

Palmadusta clandestina
clandestine cowry

Palmadusta johnsonorum
Johnsons' cowry

Palmadusta ziczac
zigzag cowry

Purpuradusta fimbriata
fringed cowry

Purpuradusta microdon
micro-tooth cowry

Purpuradusta minoridens
small-tooth cowry

Pustularia bistrinotata
orange chick-pea cowry

Pustularia cicercula
chick-pea cowry

Pustularia globulus
globular chick-pea cowry

Pustularia margarita
margarita chick-pea cowry

Staphylaea limacina
limacina cowry

Staphylaea staphylaea
staphylaea cowry

Talostolida pellucens
pellucens cowry

Talostolida teres
tapering cowry

Talparia talpa
mole cowry

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