Notadusta punctata (Linnaeus, 1771)
Punctate cowry, 8-17mm

The white shell with discrete brown spots is unmistakable, although fresh living specimens are often banded with very pale brown. Notadusta punctata is found on shallow subtidal lagoon reefs and pinnacles, as well as on the leeward seaward reef. During the day it can be seen under chunks of dead coral. At night, the red-mantled cowry wanders about in ledges and caves, or even on the bright red encrusting sponge on lagoon bottom shipwrecks. We have seen it at depths from about 1.5-35m. The species is found across the Indo-Pacific with the exception of Hawaii.

Faint brown banding across the shell is visible in the lower two photos.

On an egg mass.

Created 1 April 2008
Updated 26 March 2017

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