Family Eulimidae

This page links to species in the family Eulimidae that are known from Kwajalein. Most or perhaps even all eulimids are parasites on Echinoderms, with certain species on seastars, sea cucumbers, sea urchins, brittle stars, and even crinoids. Eulimids have extremely smooth, slippery shells that are very difficult for a shell-cracking predator, such as a fish or crab, to grasp and break, as the teeth or claws tend to slide right off. The can even be difficult for human fingers to pick up. Since the shells of most species are either white or transparent--any color you see is usually on the animal living within the shell--they tend to be rather difficult to positively identify to species. Consequently, most of these are listed with a guess for the genus and a species number. The best way to find most species is to closely examine the host; shells are common, for example, with their anterior ends bored into the thick skin of some sea cucumbers. A few species can be found under rocks. (Click on a thumbnail for pages with larger images.)

Annulobalcis sp. 1

Annulobalcis sp. 2

Melanella sp. 1

Melanella sp. 2

Melanella sp. 3

Melanella sp. 4

Melanella sp. 5

Melanella sp. 6

Melanella sp. 7

Melanella sp. 8

Melanella sp. 9

Melanella sp. 10

Melanella sp. 11

Melanella sp. 12

Melanella sp. 13

Melanella sp. 14

Melanella sp. 15

Melanella sp. 16

Melanella sp. 17

Melanella sp. 18

Melanella sp. 19

Melanella sp. 20

Melanella sp. 21

Melanella sp. 22

Parvioris sp. 1

Parvioris sp. 2

Stilifer linckiae

Thyca crystallina

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