Families Cystiscidae and Marginellidae

These two families have only a few species known from the Marshalls. Previously all these were considered Marginellidae, but research has shown distinct anatomical differences that warrant two separate families. All Kwajalein species are small, the largest less than 10mm. This page shows only those species for which we have living animal photographs. There are several other species known so far only from empty shells, mostly sorted from sand and rubble samples brought up from depth.


Gibberula cf ovata

Gibberula? sp. 1

Gibberula? sp. 2

Gibberula? sp. 3


Dentimargo cf balicasagensis

Dentimargo sp. 1

Volvarina cf philippinarum

Volvarina sp. 1

Volvarina sp. 2

Volvarina sp. 3

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