Aclyvolva lanceolata (Sowerby, 1848)
Lance ovulid, 17mm

This species is found on the steep seaward reef slopes, always on these red whip-like gorgonians, which could be a species of Ellisella or Ctenocella. They are hard to spot on the gorgonian, but if you spot one, there will usually be others on surrounding gorgonain colonies; we typically see only one per colony. Some ovulid experts think this may be a different, as yet undescribed species, but more work is needed on it and its close relatives to be certain.

The next few shots show a bare patch of gorgonian skeleton where the ovulid has been grazing.

The specimen in the two photos below was one of two found on 12 April 2010 on Ellisella gorgonians on the Kwajalein Atoll seaward reef at a depth of about 40m. The papillae, especially those around the anterior end, look a bit different from the earlier specimens, but it is probably just a variation.

Created 22 September 2008
Updated 21 March 2018

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