Family Ovulidae

The family Ovulidae is represented by only a few species in the Marshalls, and several of those are known only from tiny empty shells sorted out of bags of "grunge" (sandy rubble) brought up from the bases of seaward reef cliffs.

Aclyvolva lanceolata


Archivolva clava

Calpurnus verrucosus

Crenavolva philippei

Dentiovula dorsuosa

Hiatavolva rugosa

Naviculavolva kurziana

Naviculavolva malaita

Ovula ovum

Pedicularia pacifica

Pellasimnia annabellae

Phenacovolva rosea

Phenacovolva subreflexa

Primovula rosewateri

Procalpurnus lacteus

Procalpurnus semistriatus

Prosimnia draconis

Pseudocypraea adamsonii

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