Pellasimnia annabelae Lorenz & Fehse, 2009

Considered a common species elsewhere, only during the past few years have they been found at Kwajalein. They blend in very well on their prey gorgonian, Annella mollis, and the it would probably turn out to be reasonable common if more gorgonians were examined, particularly those 30m and deeper on the seaward slope. The first two were found on the Kwajalein Atoll seaward reef, the first on a gorgonian at 35m on 22 March 2010 and the second on another specimen of the same gorgonian species at 38m on 28 March 2010. The first three shots show the first specimen and the next four the second. A fair number have been seen since the first two.

Three in a line on a large gorgonian, along with a small goby.

Camouflaged on gorgonian with the coral polyps and mollusk papillae retracted.

When the gorgonian polyps are extended, the shell's bumpy papillae make it more cryptic.

Created 31 March 2010
Updated 17 September 2016

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