Procalpurnus semistriatus (Pease, 1862)
Striated white ovulid, 13mm

This little pure white shell is not found often, but when it is there are usually several specimens all feeding on colonies of the soft corals Sinularia or Lobophytum. We have seen them only at night, crawling on the surface of the soft coral. During the day, they apparently hide effectively under or around the soft coral colony. Similarities with Procalpurnus lacteus are discussed in more detail on that species' page, but in short, P. semistriatus differs in having a finely striated rather than smooth shell, and has a spotted rather than reticulated foot.

This pair was spotted on a soft coral at night on the eastern seaward reef by Stan Jazwinski.

Created 15 December 2009
Updated 26 March 2017

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