Filifusus filamentosus (Röding, 1798)

Filifusus filamentosus is an uncommon to moderately common species living primarily on the seaward reefs and lagoon pinncles. They are most often found under large rocks at depths of 6 to 20m, but can also be out exposed on the reef at night.

The shells often carry cap shell hitchhikers.

This one was found with its egg mass.

This species is a predator upon other gastropod mollusks. Below it is eating a top shell Turbo argyrostomus.

This one is eating a Cerithium echinatum.

The dark maroon spotted with white is quite attractive.

With eggs.

Feeding on Turbo argyrostomus.

Created 10 December 2011
Updated 12 February 2016

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