Family Fasciolariidae

The family Fasciolariidae, usually called the spindle shells, does not have many representatives in the Marshalls, but includes both abundant and extremely rare species. In many species, the color of the animals is somewhere in the red to maroon range, although there are notable exceptions. Species in this family are carnivorous. We have seen some eating other gastropod mollusks, and bivalves and worms are other potential food sources. Sizes listed for each species are the maximum sizes recorded for Kwajalein and were taken from an unpublished listing of Kwaj record sizes maintained by a succession of individuals since the early 1970s.

Benimakia sowerbyi

Crassicantharus noumeensis

Dolicholatirus lancea

Filifusus filamentosa

Fusinus undatus

Latirus barclayi

Latirus maculatus

sp. 1

Nodolatirus nodatus

Peristernia chlorostoma

Peristernia nassatula

Peristernia reincarnata

Peristernia ustulata

Turrilatirus craticulatus

Turrilatirus turritus

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