Lentigo lentiginosus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Silver conch

Lentigo lentiginosus are moderately uncommon in the Marshalls. They can be seen in some areas quite regularly, but unlike many other species, never in large numbers. They live in sandy and rubbly areas on lagoon reefs, pinnacles, and shallow portions of the seaward reef, where they frequently, but not always, bury in the sand during the day. They are often found in pairs at depths of about 3 to 13m, and adult shells range in size from about 65 to 90mm.

The elongate tube irregularly striped with green and black on the right side is the proboscis, with its mouth at the very tip. Like all other strombs, this species grazes on algae.

Created 1 October 2009
Updated 22 November 2011

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