Family Strombidae

The family Strombidae includes the fingershells and the strombs, mostly mid to large size gastropods, some of which are among the most visible and easily recognized snails on the reefs. All appear to be herbivorous grazers, and a few species are among the most abundant midsize snails in their respective habitats. Most tend to favor relatively shallow water, since their algae food usually grows best in more brightly lit areas. Several species are important food for a variety of predators, including some fish, molluscivorous cone shells, and, we believe, octopus.

Harpago chiragra

Lambis crocata

Lambis lambis

Lambis scorpius

Lambis truncata

Canarium erythrinum

Canarium haemastoma

Canarium maculatum

Canarium microurceus

Canarium mutabile

Canarium wilsonorum

Conomurex luhuanus

Dolomena variabilis

Euprotomus aurisdianae

Gibberulus gibbosus

Lentigo lentiginosus

Lentigo pipus

Sinustrombus sinuatus

Sinustrombus taurus

Terestrombus fragilis

Tridentarius dentatus

Family Seraphsidae

Terebellum terebellum is apparently the only living species within the family Seraphsidae. Formerly it was considered to belong to the Strombidae, hence its inclusion on this page.

Terebellum terebellum

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