Lentigo pipus (Röding, 1798)

Lentigo pipus are extremely rare in the Marshalls, first found at Kwajalein as a single pair of specimens from a shallow lagoon reef in the northern half of Kwajalein Atoll on 13 August 2006. They were at a depth of about 5m on rubbly sand, and both measured close to 54mm in length. This species is known from sporadic locations throughout much of the Indo-Pacific, but I don't believe it has previously been reported from Micronesia.

The shell above appears to be older, with a thicker ventral nacre, than the one below.

Like other strombs, the proboscis can stretch way out looking for its algae food.

The bottom photo was captured from video.

A third smaller, but still adult shell was found on 8 August 2015 on sandy rubble at the base of a large atoll pinnacle just inside the lagoon from a deep water pass.

Created 1 October 2009
Updated 15 August 2015

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