Sinustrombus sinuatus ([Lightfoot], 1786)
Laciniated conch

Sinustrombus sinuatus are uncommon to rare in the Marshalls. Most Kwajalein Atoll specimens have been found on sand and rubble at the base of lagoon pinnacles at depths of about 30 to 40m. Occasional specimens can be found shallower on pinnacles, or in Halimeda patches along the lagoon interisland reefs. Several have been found on the decks of sunken World War II ships at about 35m. Specimens on the seaward reef are very rare. Shells we have measured ranged from about 88 to 107mm.

Deep maroon interior.

Although usually rather rare at Kwajalein, on 5 September 2010 a number of specimens were observed on the rubbly slope of a large Kwajalein Atoll lagoon pinnacle, including several pairs and the one group of four illustrated below. They may have had a particularly good settling last year, or may have just come together for mating.

Created 1 October 2009
Updated 22 November 2011

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