Family Triviidae

This page links to species in the family Triviidae. One species was formerly in the Eratoidae, but recent work and the World Register of Marine Species now list members of Eratoidae within the Triviidae. Most of the triviids are small white shells shaped roughly like cowries but covered with ridges. With similar shapes but little or no color, species are notoriously difficult to tell apart. We are listing them as Trivia spp., although there may be other genera involved. Some of tentative species below were separated on the basis of minor differences in animal color, and several almost certainly can be lumped together. However, we thought it was worthwhile to post the variations in animal color, and perhaps in the future can do detailed comparisons between animal and shell characteristics to try to more positively identify them. The scientific literature and our own field observations suggest triviid species feed on tunicates, sometimes crawling inside to eat them from the inside out. All Marshall Islands species are small; shells we have measured ranged from about 2.5 to 8.05mm. (Click on a thumbnail for pages with larger images.)

Eratoena sulcifera

Trivia sp. k001

Trivia sp. k008

Trivia sp. k015

Trivia sp. k002

Trivia sp. k005

Trivia sp. k010

Trivia sp. k006

Trivia sp. k007

Trivia sp. k003

Trivia sp. k004

Trivia sp. k011

Trivia sp. k009

Trivia sp. k013

Trivia sp. k012

Trivia sp. k014

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