Kwajalein Lizardfish and Sand Perches

Lizardfish and Sand Perches are not closely related, but they have a similar appearance and have similar habits, so we are treating the two families on this page.

Lizardfish (Synodontidae)

Lizardfish are common in sand or hard reef areas. In sand they often bury themselves until only the top of the head is showing. All are ambush predators, watching for a stray fish to come too close. The various species all have a similar appearance, and we find some species difficult to tell apart. It is possible that some of our identifications are incorrect.

Saurida gracilis

Saurida nebulosa

Synodon binotatus

Synodon dermatogenys

Synodus rubromarmoratus

Synodon variegatus

Sand Perches (Pinguipedidae)

The Sand Perches kind of resemble lizardfish in their habit of sitting on the bottom waiting for prey. There appear to be just two species at Kwajalein.

Parapercis clathrata

Parapercis clathrata

Parapercis millepunctata

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