Arothron meleagris (Lacepède, 1798)
Guineafowl puffer

This species is uncommon at Kwajalein. Single individuals are usually seen on the seaward reef or on lagoon pinnacles. One apparent hybrid between this and Arothron nigropunctatus has been seen on a seaward reef. From very limited observations, they seem most common in some of the reef quarries, large "tidepools" that were mined for aggregate for concrete.

A large part of the diet of these fish consists of live coral. The specimen below was eating the Porites coral colony at upper right. The white marks along the edge of the coral were just made by this fish biting the coral, scraping off the upper layer of calcium carbonate and the polyps in those areas.

Arothron meleagris also comes in a yellow color form. The one below has a hint of yellowish brown behind the eyes and the one in the four bottom photos is mostly yellow.

Created 22 October 2010
Updated 30 December 2011

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