Favorinus japonicus Baba, 1949

We saw this nudibranch most commonly on very shallow, almost intertidal reefs, such as that of Kewalo Basin, where we recorded at least 28 specimens. In the shallows, it was usually eating the eggs of sea hares of dorids. Subtidally at sites such as Makua and Pupukea, it was most often feeding on the egg masses of Hexabranchus pulchellus. It takes on the color of its eggs being eaten.

This one is probably just a slightly smaller specimen of this species. Its rhinophores are a bit contracted, showing distinct annuli. It was found on a night dive at Pupukea, Oahu on 27 May 1978, and the animal measured 7mm in length.

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Created 20 April 2009
Updated 29 May 2009

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