Cylindrobulla sp. e825

Several specimens of this elongate Cylindrobulla were observed at night in a Halimeda algae patch on Kwajalein's lagoon reef. All were at about 8m depth and found in July 2016. At least two of them appeared to be depositing egg masses on the algae. The shells were probably in the 10 to 15mm range. The animals could flap their parapodia and swim a few centimeters when disturbed. This may be what Gosliner et al, 2015, call Cylindrobulla sp. 1.

This one was being eaten by a Vexillum echinatum.

The 8mm specimen below was found and photographed by Christina Sylvester off Kwajalein's Emon Beach. It was at a depth of about 1m in sand on 22 September 2016.

Created 21 August 2016
Updated 19 March 2017

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