Family Buccinidae

The family Buccinidae is known in the Marshalls from a fair number of species, many of which are not yet identified. Included here so far are only most of those for which we have names, although some of the names are uncertain. We plan to add more as photographs of the unidentifieds become available.


Caducifer decapitatus

Caducifer truncatus


Clivipollia fragaria

Clivipollia pulchra

Clivipollia recurva


Engina egregia

Engina farinosa

Engina lineata

Engina mendicaria

Engina zonalis


Pisania ignea

Pisania cf luctuosa


Pollia undosus

Pollia wagneri


Prodotia iostoma

Prodotia lannumi

Prodotia sp.

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