Mauritia scurra (Gmelin, 1791)
Jester cowry, 26-51mm

The color pattern of Mauritia scurra resembles that of M. maculifera and M. depressa, but it can be immediately distinguished from those two species by its cylindrical shape. This species is found primarily on the tops of lagoon pinnacles under rocks or in rubble, or in seaward reef surge channel ledges at night. Specimens from lagoon pinnacles average much larger than those from the seaward reef. A few individuals have also been observed on the windward side of lagoon reefs, such as that between Ennubuj and South Pass, as well as under large boulders on the windward seaward reef subtidal reef flat. This species ranges across the Indo-Pacific.

The shell below was tending the egg mass visible behind it on the left side.

Created 1 April 2008
Updated 11 October 2011

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