Kwajalein Dartfish, Wormfish & Sand-divers

Dartfish and Wormfish (Microdesmidae)

The family Microdesmidae includes the Wormfish and the Dartfish. Dartfish at Kwajalein include two genera, Nemateleotris and Ptereleotris., while the local Wormfish include at least three species in the genus Gunnellichthys, two of which are figured here. All three known species of the dartfish genus Nemateleotris are found at Kwajalein. All three are plankton eaters who hover a short distance off the bottom, darting into a safe hole at the approach of potential danger. Local Ptereleotris include five species.

Gunnellichthys curiosus

Gunnellichthys monostigma

Gunnellichthys pleurotaenia

Nemateleotris decora

Nemateleotris helfrichi

Nemateleotris magnifica

Ptereleotris evides

Ptereleotris hanae

Ptereleotris heteroptera

Ptereleotris microlepis

Ptereleotris zebra

Sand Divers (Trichonotidae)

Only one kind of sand diver seems to be at Kwajalein.

Trichonotus elegans

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