Kwajalein Flounders and Soles
(Bothidae, Samaridae and Soleidae)

Three families constitute the dozen or so flatfish species found at Kwajalein. These fish have all evolved to lie on the bottom on their sides, and over time the eye on the down side has migrated around to the top, putting both eyes on the same side of the fish. One of the characters used to distinguish the families is whether the fishes' left side or right side is on top.

Aseraggodes cf cyclurus

Aseraggodes melanostictus

Aseraggodes xenicus

Aseraggodes sp. 1

Aseraggodes sp. 2

Aseraggodes sp. 3

Aseraggodes sp. 4

Asterorhombus filifer

Bothus mancus

Bothus pantherinus

Samariscus triocellatus

Soleichthys heterorhinos

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