Kwajalein Dottybacks (Pseudochromidae)

The dottybacks are small, elongate fish that typically inhabit dark ledges and caves. Since they typically flit in and out of hiding quickly, they can be rather difficult to see and certainly to photograph. There are several species within the family reported from the Marshalls, but several are seen only after fish poisons have been used to census a reef, which drives cryptic fish out of hiding.

Pictichromis porphyrea

Pseudochromis marshallensis

Pseudochromis sp. 1

Pseudochromis sp. 1

Other species in this family reported in Myers (1999) from the Marshall Islands include (links to fishbase):

Pseudochromis cyanotaenia Bleeker, 1857
Pseudoplesiops revellei Schultz, 1953
Pseudoplesiops rosae Schultz, 1943
Pseudoplesiops typus Bleeker, 1858


Myers, R.F. Micronesian Reef Fishes. Coral Graphics, Guam. 330pp

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