Kwajalein Emperors (Lethrinidae)

Emperors, although in a different family, appear similar to some of the snappers. A few species are very common to abundant, while others are less common to rare. All are predators on either invertebrates or fish, and some of the larger species may be ciguatoxic.

Gnathodentex aureolineatus

Gymnocranius microdon

Lethrinus erythracanthus

Lethrinus obsoletus

Lethrinus olivaceus

Lethrinus semicinctus

Lethrinus xanthochilus

Monotaxis grandoculis

Monotaxis grandoculis

Monotaxis heterodon

Monotaxis heterodon

There are several other emperors we have not personally seen but which have been reported from the Marshalls. These include (links to Fishbase):

Lethrinus amboinensis Bleeker, 1854
Lethrinus harak (Forsskål, 1775)
Lethrinus rubrioperculatus Sato, 1978
Wattsia mossambica (Smith, 1957)

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