Goniobranchus preciosus (Kelaart, 1858)

Goniobranchus preciosus was found occasionally at Enewetak Atoll, where it lived on lagoon interisland reefs under dead coral at depths of 4 to 5 meters. Several were also found under corrugated aluminum sheets blown into the lagoon off Enewetak Island by typhoon Pamela in 1982. At Kwajalein, it has been only rarely found under dead coral but is occasionally found in lagoon Halimeda patches in 7 to 30m. Sizes ranged up to about 35mm but most specimens were smaller.

Most Enewetak specimens were nearly all white dorsally, except for the marginal bands. Many Kwajalein specimens have had varying amounts of orange speckling scattered over the dorsum. The two shots below are of a Kwajalein specimen that had a particularly vivid mantle margin.

The 20mm specimen in the two photos below from Kwajalein had not only a vivid margin but also numerous orange spots over the dorsum.

The specimens in the two photos below were found on 3 January 2009 on Halimeda plants on the sandy lagoon bottom at a depth of about 35m.

On larger specimens like the one below from Enewetak, the thin bluish edge to the margin is prominent.

Created 14 December 2005
Updated 27 May 2013

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