Goniobranchus verrieri (Crosse, 1875)

Goniobranchus verrieri bears a superficial resemblance to G. preciosus, but it does not have a thin white or bluish white edge to the mantle. There is still some question about the identification, discussed further under Goniobranchus albonares. We have seen these at Enewetak and Kwajalein Atolls, typically under dead coral rocks on shallow interisland reefs at depths of 2 to 5 meters but occasionally in Halimeda patches to about 30m. They are small, usually less than 10mm. They also typically live on shallow subtidal reefs in Hawaii, where the specimens we have seen look more like what we are here calling Goniobranchus albonares.

Feeding on the sponge Chelonaplysilla violacea.

Created 27 May 2013

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