Aldisa sp. h151

This small species is similar in size, shape, color, and habitat to Aldisa pikokai. We first started separating these out when we noticed that a few of the Aldisa pikokai we saw had only two dorsal craters that were shallower and lacked the black spots of most specimens, and had dorsal surfaces that were not crosshatched with sharp ridges but were instead smooth with low bumps. A closer look revealed other differences, such as the yellowish patches of pigment sometimes tinged with almost irridescent purple in most specimens. Like Aldisa pikokai, it was strictly nocturnal and found in the same areas, but at a ratio of about one of these to every 10 to 20 A. pikokai. The consistency of the characters that distinguish them argue for their being separate species and I do believe that is the case, but I would not be completely shocked if future studies determined them to simply be two separate morphs of one species.

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Created 20 April 2009

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