Pleurobranchus cf peroni Cuvier, 1804

This was a common species on a number of reefs around Oahu, and was also seen at Puako, Hawaii, and at Kure Atoll. On Oahu, they could be found under rocks on shallow reefs such as those at Kewalo Basin and Fort Kam, and they were also common at night in ledges and caves at Makua and Pupukea to depths of about 15m. Specimens figured on the Sea Slug Forum as P. peroni look a bit different, but considering the variations seen in other pleurobranchs, they could fall under the same species. At least some experts in the Hawaiian fauna, however, are quite sure they will turn out to be something new.

This pair from Fort Kam Reef had just set down an egg mass.

Sea Slugs of Hawaii

Created 20 April 2009
Updated 29 May 2009

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