Family Cerithiidae (horn shells)

This page links to species in the family Cerithiidae, commonly called horn shells, from Kwajalein. Many species are sand dwellers and some are extremely abundant, among the most common snails in sandy areas. While many species normally have white shells, even these will often sometimes vary considerably in color. Overall, the group has not been thoroughly studied,and there are not many references out there for species identification. Many of our names must be regarded as tentative. Also, there are a fair number of other species for which we do not have live, in situ photos. Photos of the empty shells may be added later. (Click on a thumbnail for pages with larger images.)

Bittium impendens

Cerithium atromarginatum

Cerithium cf alutaceum

Cerithium claviforme

Cerithium echinatum

Cerithium egenum

Cerithium munitum

Cerithium nesioticumi

Cerithium nodulosum

Cerithium pacificum

Cerithium punctatum

Cerithium rostratum

Cerithium salebrosum

Cerithium tenellum

Cerithium zebrum

Cerithium sp. 1

Cerithium sp. 2

Cerithium sp. 3

Cerithium sp. 4

Cerithium sp. 5

Cerithium sp. 6

Clypeomorus brevis

Clypeomorus sp. 1

Pictorium koperbergi

Pseudovertagus nobilis

Rhinoclavis articulata

Rhinoclavis aspera

Rhinoclavis diadema

Rhinoclavis fasciata
Rhinoclavis sinensis

Royella sinon

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