Family Columbellidae (dove shells)

This page links to species in the family Columbellidae, commonly called dove shells, from Kwajalein. Most species within the family range from tiny to small. They are frequently highly variable in color and difficult to positively identify, making the names we use for local specimens often uncertain. There is much work left to be done on Indo-Pacific columbellids. (Click on a thumbnail for pages with larger images.)

Aesopus clausiliformis

Euplica deshayesii

Euplica ionida

Euplica cf livescens

Euplica turturina

Euplica varians

Graphicomassa ligula

Graphicomassa cf ligula

Graphicomassa sp. 1

Graphicomassa sp. 2

Metanachis marquesa

Mitrella albina

Mitrella cf loyaltyensis

Mitrella cf rorida

Mitrella sp. 1

Mokumea divaricata

Pardalinops marmorata

Pyrene flava

Pyrene punctata

Pyrene sp. 1

Seminella subphilodicia

Zafra debilis

Zafra ocellatula

Zafra cf succinea

Zafra vercoi

Zafra sp. 1

Zafra sp. 3

Zafra sp. 4

Zafra sp. 5

Zafrona nebulosa

Columbellid sp. 1

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