Family Terebridae

The family Terebridae is represented in the Marshalls by at least 34 species in 8 genera. All are sand dwellers, although Terenolla pygmaea has sometimes been found under rocks or in rubble. Terebrids, often commonly called augers, are thought to prey upon various marine worms. We have seen specimens eating both annelid worms and hemichordates (acorn worms). Terebrids are reported to have a harpoon-like radula with venom, much like the cone shells, for immobilizing prey but we have never heard of any humans being injured by a terebrid sting.

Hastula albula

Hastula celidonota

Hastula lanceata

Hastula penicillata

Hastula solida

Hastulopsis conspersa

Hastulopsis pertusa

Hastulopsis sp

Myurella affinis

Myurella columellaris

Myurella flavofasciata

Myurella cf flavofasciata

Myurella kilburni

Myurella paucistriata

Myurella undulata

Oxymeris areolata

Oxymeris cerithina

Oxymeris chlorata

Oxymeris crenulata

Oxymeris dimidiata

Oxymeris felina

Oxymeris maculata

Perirhoe eburnea

Terebra amanda

Terebra argus

Terebra babylonia

Terebra cingulifera

Terebra funiculata

Terebra guttata

Terebra quoygaimardi

Terebra subulata

Terebra succinea

Terebra sp. 1

Terenolla pygmaea

Triplostephanus elliscrossi

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