Family Triphoridae

The family Triphoridae has many species of mostly small, narrow shells. They are characterized by being normal sinistral in construction; that is, the shell coils left-handed, rather than right-handed as is typical of nearly all other marine snails. Most live hidden under rocks feeding on sponges. We recognize more than 100 distinct species here in the Marshalls. Because of their small size, the lack of available identification references, and the difficulty of identifying species, many of these remain unidentified and some are likely as yet unnamed. The only species we currently figure are those for which we have in situ underwater shots of (mostly) living animals, and it is likely some of these are identified incorrectly. We welcome corrections. (Click on a thumbnail for pages with larger images.)

Aclophoropsis mcmichaeli

Bouchetriphora pallida

Cautor granulatus

Cautotriphora hervieri

Cautotriphora jazwinskii

Coriophora granosa

Coriophora cf granosa sp. 1

Coriophora cf granosa sp. 2

Euthymella concors

Euthymella elegans

Euthymella kosugei

Euthymella regalis

Euthymella sp. 5

Inella asperrima

Inella cf asperrima

Inella rossiteri

Inella ryosukei

Inella sp. 8

Inella sp. 10

Iniforis aemulans

Iniforis formosula

Iniforis ikukoae

Iniforis violacea

Iniforis cf violacea

Mastonia funebris

Mastonia cf funebris

Mastonia rubra

Mastonia cf rubra

Mastonia squalida

Mastonia sp. 1

Monophorus lucidulus

Monophorus quadrimaculatus

Nanaphora triticea

Opimaphora coralina

Triphora collaris

Triphora taeniolata

Triphora sp. 2

Triphora sp. 13

Triphorid sp. 7

Triphorid sp. 9

Triphorid sp. 10

Triphorid sp. 11

Triphorid sp. 13

Viriola abbotti

Viriola cancellata

Viriola interfilata

Viriola intergranosa

Viriola pagodus