Family Epitoniidae (the wentletraps)

Numerous species in the family Epitoniidae, commonly called wentletraps, are known from the Marshalls. So far we have only covered those for which we have photographs of animals in situ. Most or perhaps all known species are predators--probably more like parasites, since they appear to not kill their hosts--on various corals or anemones. Species are mostly small and white, and have a similar construction of fine axial ribs on a shiny white shell, making them somewhat difficult to identify. Several of our IDs are uncertain. We welcome corrections. (Click on a thumbnail for pages with larger images.)

Cirsostrema varicosum

Cycloscala crenulata

Cycloscala hyalina

Cycloscala sp. 1

Epifungium twilae

Epifungium ulu

Epitonium cf eusculptum

Epitonium cf irregulare

Epitonium marmoratum

Epitonium paumotense

Epitonium pyramidale

Epitonium replicatum

Surrepifungium costulatum

Epitonium sp. 2

Epitonium sp. 3

Epitonium sp. 4

Epitonium sp. 5

Epitonium sp. 6


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